From annual reports to internal comms and from client magazines to new business proposals, our team of specialist copywriters have it covered. We work as an extension of in-house sales and marketing departments, providing editorial and design services to ensure output is of the highest quality. This includes annual reporting on financials, CSR and sustainability; internal communications; websites and web content; PR and sales materials; scripts for corporate videos; and, corporate publications and thought leadership.

You don’t have the time, but we do: let us add a fresh new spark to your content while taking the pressure off your internal team. We’re not just full of ideas at BWRITR, we deliver the work too – on time and to brief.


We specialise in words, but we also know that sometimes you can get a lot more across if you don’t say too much.

Our advertising specialists produce crisp and creative copy for use in ad creatives and on product packaging, as well as concepts for whole launch campaigns.

We have been partnering with local and international advertising agencies to bring to life the concepts they design for clients. We're also experts in ‘transcreation', the ability to create advertising content that works in both English and French without losing anything in the translation.


We’re copywriters with a conscience.

One of BWITR’s favourite briefs is writing about sustainability. It’s one of our core values, and a living, breathing concern for many in our team. We are passionate about topics that are meaningful and contribute to progress in the world.

Many of us are old hands at producing sustainability reports and creating sustainability stories for websites and newsletters according to GRI reporting and other standards, too.

Our mission is to do work we're proud of that also helps to change the world (even just a little bit).

We’re used to throwing ourselves into an industry and getting under the skin of an organisation at lightning speed.

We love writing about important, interesting, complex and wonderful things, and we believe inspiration can be found in any industry sector.

From the Silk Road to supply chains, diamond investments and dental instruments, if you can name it, we've probably written about it.

Our most senior writers have 20 years' experience and have produced content for almost every industry and sector.

No brief is too hard for our creative team.

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