Get creative: 2024 Graphic Design Trends to Energise Your Corporate Communications This Summer

Examples of bright patterns from Jukeboxprint's roundup. Credit copyright © Jukebox.
Examples of bright patterns from Jukeboxprint's roundup. Credit copyright © Jukebox.

At Bwritr, we don't just work with words – we also navigate the diverse landscape of design trends through our clients' unique projects.

While our focus is on crafting content that complements our clients' comms campaigns, our broad exposure to different projects across multiple sectors often means we are called upon for design input or to share ideas we have come across or worked on directly.

As many of our clients gear up for their summer campaigns or set their sights on autumn product campaigns and launches, we couldn't resist sharing this exciting roundup of graphic design trends for 2024 from the Canadian packaging agency, Jukebox.

Trends-wise, there isn't a whisper of minimalism in sight: colour, bold copy and creativity steal the spotlight. Quirky illustrations continue to take centre stage, as seen in 'Doodles' and 'Brand Illustrations,' as do vibrant colours and joyful visuals, seen in dominate in 'Fluoride' and 'Gradients'.

These trends will no doubt inject a dose of creativity into your projects, setting the stage for an exciting journey that's bound to engage and delight your audience.

Let us know what you think! Does your comms team ever get stuck for design ideas? Where do you typically turn to seek out fresh inspiration for layouts and corporate design?

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