How Bwritr is Using AI

Read our statement on how Bwritr is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and our plans going forward.
AI has the potential to revolutionise multilingual communications.
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From self-driving cars to ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly in the headlines at the moment. As a multilingual communications agency, we want to be transparent about where we stand with this technology and how we’re currently using it.

Our philosophy 

We’re following the latest developments closely and we’re interested in how AI can help our team to work more efficiently. Our goal is for this technology to support the writing and translation process, not replace it.

We don’t believe that AI can replace creative work, and we are aware that today’s AI tools have limitations in terms of accuracy, plagiarism, out-of-date information and SEO optimisation.

So, here’s a quick overview of what we do and don’t use AI for at the moment.

We sometimes use AI to:

  • Help create presentations and images for our own website using Canva and Dall-E
  • Automate tasks such as keyword research and editing
  • Search for new ideas while writing about specific topics (but we always fact-check any AI-generated research)
  • Support the translation process using DeepL (but all translated content is proofread by a qualified translator)
  • Create transcripts of meetings (with the participants’ permission) using

We don’t use AI to:

  • Write, edit or proofread texts of any type
  • Communicate with clients
  • Research or write technical articles or white papers
  • Adjust the tone of voice of any texts
While AI offers exciting possibilities for communications, the 'human touch' remains important.
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Our promise: All our communications are written and checked by experienced writers and translators.

Stay tuned...

We’ll keep adapting our policy as the technology evolves, so look out for more updates coming soon.

How are you using AI to support the copywriting and translation process? Tell us in the comments.

AI: The Future of Multilingual Communications
We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise multilingual communications. We are committed to researching and developing AI solutions to help our clients improve efficiency, productivity, quality and reach, and reduce costs.
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Fiona Freeman
Writer. Reader. Nature Lover. Coffee Drinker. Managing Editor.
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