COP28 Snapshot #1: Agriculture

From harvesting hope to harvesting yields: #TheEqualityLounge at COP28 discusses the future of agriculture
COP28 Snapshot #1: Agriculture
Image: Maria Orlova, Pexels
In: Sustainability

The global conversation on climate change and sustainability was in the spotlight at COP28 in November 2023, where a women-led panel provided unique insights into the future of food, farming and agriculture. Speakers shared diverse perspectives, highlighting the challenges, solutions and innovative approaches that could reshape the landscape of agriculture.

Speakers included: Sara Roversi, President, Future Food Institute; Bernhad Kowatsch, Head, WFP Innovation Accelerator, World Food Program; Marie-Rose Mukahirwa, Community Pass Agriculture Lead, Mastercard; Natasha Mudar, Founder, The World We Want; Adam Mollerup, Head, GovTech, CBrain; Chante Harris, Climate Tech Operator, Stealth – Climate Infrastructure Studio. 

Capitalizing on climate tech ventures 

First up was the vital role of capital in supporting climate tech startups worldwide. There is a need for different types of funding for innovative projects such as hydroponic farming on city rooftops, vertical farming in industrial sites, and the often-overlooked aspect of soil farming within urban environments.

Main takeaways? Investors must understand these impactful solutions and then deploy various capital sources.

Surprising insights changing the discourse around livestock farming 

The conversation shifted to the global stage, with a need for initiatives that inspire hope. The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate, spearheaded by the USA and the UAE, stood out. This global coalition focuses on agricultural innovation, challenging the negative discourse surrounding traditional farming practices, especially livestock.

There’s an argument that increasing investment and innovation in agriculture and food systems will accelerate climate action, not climate change, whilst also addressing world hunger and tackling the global food insecurity crisis. 

Global North and South working together

There’s a need for a multisector stakeholder approaches to address challenges in agriculture and food systems. This meanings bringing together the global north and south to accelerate climate action. There was a call for bottom-up innovation and engaging civil society to gain diverse perspectives – a key to lasting change.

From harvesting hope to harvesting yields

Agriculture impacts the fundamentals of how we live, eat and survive. Globally, we’re attempting a huge transformation, whether it’s rural farming in the developing world or industrialised farming in other parts of the world.

We’re striving for change, but we must also get down to business. Speakers called for a move from harvesting hope to harvesting yields and tangible results. Plus, there’s a need to “learn fast”, as time is of the essence.

Watch the full discussion or contact us for support with your next sustainability report.

Look out for our next COP28 Snapshot, coming tomorrow!

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