Get Started in Sustainability Reporting: 4 Tips

Kickstart your sustainability reporting journey with these 4 fundamental tips from PwC, based on their yearly round-up of the best sustainability reports.
Get Started in Sustainability Reporting: 4 Tips
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With the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), companies, big and small, need to start seriously addressing their sustainability reporting strategies. Each year, PwC rounds up a selection of the best sustainability reports and then pulls out valuable insights which can help companies make real short cuts in getting started on their journey.

We wrote about this extensively on LinkedIn, and really delved into PWC’s recommendations.

PwC suggests beginning with Fundamental considerations, including:

  • Aligning your sustainability strategy with your core corporate strategy
  • Identifying the material impacts of the business - where you make the biggest impact
  • Setting and disclosing KPIs and targets for sustainability goals
  • Providing balanced reporting, showcasing both your successes and challenges
Get Started in Sustainability Reporting: 4 Tips
Photo by Tom Fisk / Pexels

As companies progress, they can explore more advanced aspects, such as risk, governance, stakeholder engagement, and independent assurance to elevate their sustainability reporting.

By following these fundamental steps, businesses can develop credible and authentic sustainability reports, driving progress towards a more sustainable future. Share your experiences and challenges in sustainability reporting to foster collective learning and growth.

Read the full article on LinkedIn.

As a communications agency with a specialisation in sustainability reporting, Bwritr works with companies to develop, write and produce their sustainability reports, adopting frameworks such as GRI, UN Global Compact, and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Get in touch to find out more.

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