Lights, Camera, Action: Video Marketing Keeps Growing

Discover how Bwritr can elevate your brand with captivating corporate videos.
Video marketing is a key tool to create an emotional bond with customers.
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Video has been a breakout trend in marketing, and looks set to keep growing. Hubspot recently released an interesting report revealing key trends, usage and communication strategies. Their research shows that video can be a very effective tool to connect with new and existing customers, particularly as:

  • 86% of marketers say video marketing generates leads
  • 94% of marketers say videos help customers understand their product or service
Corporate videos help showcase your brand's values, mission and product offering in an exciting and engaging way.

Optimise your videos with Bwritr

Did you know our creative team often helps clients to storyboard corporate videos, develop scripts and write voiceovers? We can also add scripts to existing animations, and advise on content and messaging.

Our video services include:

  • Writing video/podcast scripts,
  • Proofreading automatically generated video subtitles,
  • Writing video supers (words and titles that appear on-screen during videos),
  • Adapting video/podcast scripts for different audiences.

Contact us for a chat about any upcoming video needs you'd like to explore.

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Fiona Freeman
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