Magic Words

We look at how copywriters pick words for maximum impact, using the travel & tourism industry as an example.
Like images, words have the power to evoke an emotional response and trigger action.
Image: Stein Egil liland / Pexels
In: Content Creation

We all know the saying, “A picture says a thousand words.” That’s true, of course – and pictures are hugely influential – but words matter, too.

The power of language

Words are crucial in adding emotion and building trust, especially online. In the digital world, consumers can’t chat face-to-face with a salesperson  or pick up and look at  a product before purchasing it.

Our job as writers and content creators is to bring readers as close  to  that real-life experience using words.

Some words have a certain kind of magic about them. In the travel industry, for example, simple phrases such as a tropical island, luxury spa retreat, safari lodge or Northern Lights (aurora borealis) can be enough to make people start dreaming.

Put these ‘magic’ words in the right place – a newsletter subject line, a product name, a tagline in an advertising campaign – and you can significantly boost consumer engagement and conversion rates.

Speaking your audience's language

But don’t forget that words trigger different responses in different people, so always keep your audience in mind. (Not every would-be holidaymaker will be convinced by an extreme bungee jumping adventure, for instance…)

Which words have magic in them for you?

Written by
Fiona Freeman
Writer. Reader. Nature Lover. Coffee Drinker. Managing Editor.
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