COP28 Snapshot #3: Equality in Focus

From Wakanda-style cities to women in charge: What would a perfect world look like?
COP28 Snapshot #3: Equality in Focus
Image copyright the Equality Lounge, COP28
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In 2019, Barack Obama said: “I'm absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything…”

Listening live during COP28 last November, where #TheFemaleQuotient was hosting a live #EqualityLounge, it was clear that there are plenty of women leaders ready to chart this transformative course.

Some of the visions are shared below extracted from a panel on Building Resilience: Navigating climate challenges for socioeconomic and infrastructural sustainability. Their perspectives offer a glimpse into possibilities for an exciting, achievable future characterised by sustainability, inclusivity and resilience.

A world in balance with nature

Drawing inspiration from Swiss aviator and inventor Bertrand Piccard, who circled the globe in a solar-powered plane, Jacqueline Francis emphasized the need for balance. In her view, a perfect world isn't devoid of challenges but one where humanity aligns with nature. She envisions a world where we're in balance with nature, one where we're not emitting greenhouse gases faster than we create them. This can be achieved by implementing existing solutions to achieve harmony, addressing carbon imbalances and using known technologies to create a sustainable future.

  • Jacquelyn Francis, Executive Director, Global Warming Mitigation Project

A Wakanda-inspired utopia

Referring to the city of Wakanda from the Black Panther films, Lauren painted a powerful picture of a perfect world where the ideal city is defined by its natural surroundings, with infrastructure seamlessly blending with the natural world. Running the city? Women leaders, naturally. In this utopian metropolis, resources are used consciously and decisions made inclusively. 

  • Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, Resilient Cities Network

Call for equity in finance

Growing up in Mozambique, Valerie Ramundo Orlando called for a shift in our approach to global finance. She envisions a world where emerging markets are treated with the same metrics as Western countries and an urgent move away from post-colonial mindsets in terms of opportunities in developing markets. Her ideal world involves being more opportunistic in the global South, fostering growth, and addressing historical inequities.  

  • Valeria Ramundo Orlando, Managing Partner, Greensquare Ventures

(Valeria’s powerful call for change for investment approaches free from the legacy of a post-colonial mindset was so interesting that we’ve summarised it in a separate short blog post)

Everyone is calling for inclusivity, nature-based solutions and nonviolence

Common threads emerged as the panellists expressed their hopes for greater inclusivity, nature-based solutions and nonviolence. Some expressed a longing for the type of biodiversity that they remember from their childhood being brought back, while others emphasised the importance of ensuring that climate action is presented in a way that everyone can understand. There was a call to treat the most vulnerable with care and a shared belief that by doing so, we get on a clearer path to a better world becomes clearer.

Parting thoughts: Planting seeds for a revolution

The discussion ended with speakers encouraging the audience to walk away with a sense of urgency and purpose. Whether it's giving chances to the overlooked, investing in climate solutions or fostering resilience, it was clear that the vision of a perfect world is not a utopian fantasy but a tangible goal achievable through conscious decisions and collaborative efforts.

Image: Akil Mazumder (Pexels)

Telling your sustainability stories

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