Exclusive Interview with Swiss-based Author, Anne Korkeakivi

Meet award-winning author Anne Korkeakivi. Discover her passion for writing, the creative process and the musical inspiration behind her novels.
Anne Korkeakivi and her novels
Anne Korkeakivi and her novels
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Award-winning author Anne Korkeakivi tells us about her passion for writing, the creative process, and the musical inspiration behind her novels.

When did you start writing, and what form did it take?

I've been writing since I was very little, creating ongoing stories in my head as a child. I wrote my first poetry collection at seven and a Greek tragedy play at 16. Writing has always been part of me.

What compels you to write today?

Writing is inseparable from who I am, even though it's not the easiest career. There are times I think of doing something else, but I just can't - I have to write.

"There are two things I love. The best is when my characters come alive in a novel, and the story takes off like music. It's like conducting a piece of music for the first time. I also enjoy the editing process, cutting away what doesn't work and finding the exact words to express my ideas."

How do you experience the writing process?

I hear the work like music, probably due to my musical background. Structure is crucial, and I realised my novels have musical-like structures, such as concertos or symphonies. Rhythm is essential and often overlooked, both on a micro sentence level and a macro structure level.

Anything frustrating about the writing process?

The subsequent publishing process! It's challenging, whether for newspapers, magazines or books.

Do you seek inspiration or does it strike?

Inspiration differs for novels and other writing. My novels start with questions I'm trying to answer. I often draw from news stories. For example, my latest novel, Shining Sea, was inspired by my father's World War Two experiences.

Describe your creative process.

I ponder the plot and characters, never writing about people I know. Once characters are in, they become real, leading the story organically. It's like being at a rock concert with characters having strong voices. A lot gets thrown out during rewriting and editing.

Any advice for budding novelists?

Don't think finishing a draft means you're done. Writing a traditionally published novel requires a lot of work and persistence. Keep at it and don't give up.

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