How Brands Are Using Language

For anyone like us who loves language, you'll love this trend report produced by Reed Words, showcasing trends in words, slogans, straplines and copywriting by some of the biggest brands right now.
How Brands Are Using Language
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Today we’re looking at recent report by Reed Words, UK-based branding agency, showing trends in language use across advertising and slogans.

What's hot right now

The report shows who's tuning in to the zeitgeist and to customers, and who's tone deaf.

Some key takeaways include:

  1. Dating apps are getting it right: with humorous, relatable copy.
  2. Mindfulness is top of the agenda: post-pandemic, there's a shift away from busy-ness and burnt-out to mindfulness and mental health, but some still haven't got the memo.
  3. Rhythm and longer messages are in in: shorter isn't always sweeter! Brands with that annoying habit of turning abstract nouns into verbs ("Together We Joy") are out, whereas rhyming, melodic catchy slogans are in.

The power of effective copywriting

Well-written communications can impact almost every element of your business—from improving your organic search results to increasing brand visibility. Bad copywriting, meanwhile, can damage your brand image and lead to low website traffic, a loss in loyal customers and poor sales.

So it's worth thinking carefully about the words you put out into the world, and partnering with a professional copywriter if you can.

Read more about how copywriting can boost your business.

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