The 90s Are Back: Intranets are Making A Comeback!

Along with slip dresses, CD players and other nineties trends, intranets are having a moment again. Here's the inside story on this internal communications icon.
The 90s Are Back: Intranets are Making A Comeback!
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The slip dress is gracing Vogue again and CD sales have jumped 208% in the last five years. Now, the intranet, once a staple of corporate communication, is re-entering the arena.

In the 90s, the intranet was a vital tool for sharing corporate communications.

With the current state of employee engagement, there's a dire need to rejuvenate workplace relations, making it the perfect time to revisit these centralised communication spaces.

Intranets are secure private networks used internally by companies for sharing information with their employees. In the past, they fell out of favour due to poor design, slow connections, and outdated, irrelevant content. However, today's intranets are cloud-based, accessible from any device, and offer relevant content, improving job satisfaction and productivity.

Photo by Jacob Von Bank / Pexels

Amid a post-pandemic work environment, intranets are perfect platforms for employee engagement, communication, and collaboration. They provide easy access to documents, showcase events, and spread awareness about important topics and company news. In a fractured, disengaged work setting, a centralised intranet can keep workers connected and productive.

Has your organisation resurrected the intranet? What was your experience like using one? Leave a comment below.

At Bwritr, we're well-versed in writing corporate content and developing internal communications campaigns. If you're curious about revitalising your intranet strategy, get in touch with us for help with content planning, creation, and relevant blog posts.

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