What is a Copywriter?

Copywriters do more than craft words; they connect, convey and convert. From evoking emotions and ensuring brand consistency to optimising content for the digital realm, a professional copywriter elevates your brand's voice.
What is a Copywriter?
Copywriting: guiding readers on a journey.
What is a Copywriter?
Copywriting: guiding readers on a journey.
In: Global Communications

You’ve probably heard of copywriting, but not everyone knows what a copywriter does.

Essentially, copywriters use words to convince or inform readers. We also edit and proofread texts, advise on style and structure, and help create communication plans.

7 reasons to partner with a professional copywriter

1 - You want to connect with your customers on an emotional level. Copywriters understand how to convey information interestingly and memorably.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou.
Effective communications make an impact on the audience.
"All I remember is that it made me happy"

2 - Consistency is essential for every brand, especially in today’s world of multi-channel communications. A copywriter will help you to stick to (or find) the right style and tone of voice for your company or organisation.

"If you want to be successful, be consistent" - Don Draper, Mad Men

3 - Perhaps you have an exciting new product or service to launch and want to increase sales by using more persuasive language in your marketing materials. Copywriters specialise in guiding readers on a journey towards conversion.

4 - Spelling mistakes or long, rambling explanations can damage your brand image and put off potential customers. Working with a copywriter will ensure your communications are effective and perfectly written.

5 - Copywriters know how to optimise content for digital use – from condensing long texts into shorter, easy-to-digest paragraphs to adding keywords for SEO purposes.

Copywriting is not only about writing; we also provide fresh ideas for your communications.
Our copywriting team is full of fresh ideas (image: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)

6 - The world moves fast, so it's important to refresh your website and social media content as often as possible to stay relevant and engage your audience. A copywriter will bring a fresh perspective and ideas to help you accomplish this.

7 - Save time: you may not have time to plan or create content in your day-to-day work. But by hiring a copywriter, you can focus on your to-do list while a professional wordsmith takes care of your writing.

There are many different kinds of copywriters with varying areas of expertise. At Bwritr, our highly experienced team has written about everything from chocolate to watchmaking and dentistry. Can we support you with your next project?

Written by
Fiona Freeman
Writer. Reader. Nature Lover. Coffee Drinker. Managing Editor.
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