Please Stop Using These Phrases in Corporate Communications

Stop! If you want your corporate communications to stand out, it's time to steer clear of these five words and phrases.
It's time to say goodbye to meaningless phrases in corporate communications!
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Just because it’s obvious to you, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone else! Take care not to alienate your readers by assuming that they know the full background story. Keep things inclusive and accessible – especially for new employees – by explaining everything in clear, straightforward terms.


This phrase is everywhere, especially in product descriptions. Before using it, ask yourself if the product is really a “must-have”. The answer is probably no – especially for luxury items.

"The best/most innovative/most interesting … ever!"

To maintain credibility, it’s better to be completely honest. Readers appreciate a level-headed, factual tone of voice far more than exaggerations and endless lists of adjectives.

Acronyms and technical jargon

There’s a tendency in corporate communications to use fancy words to say simple things. Classic examples include saying “augment” rather than “increase/boost”, or “endeavour” instead of “try”. To keep the text flowing and easy-to-read, always opt for simple language.

"Basically", "literally" and other meaningless fillers

These sorts of words add very little, if anything, to the overall meaning. Take them out to keep your message crisp and concise.

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Written by
Fiona Freeman
Writer. Reader. Nature Lover. Coffee Drinker. Managing Editor.
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